Darkhor Industrial group Activities of the group have started since 1967. This group initially began at animal husbandry and livestock – Slaughterhouse industry. After a few years it has established one of the largest groups in meat packing of veal, chicken and then officially began its activities in 2002. Up to now, all members are doing their best in achieving the goals of the group in order to keep the group's motto which is having reputation and benevolence in the community. For having a good reputation using the best material and experts are necessary and with attention to the experience of the group the goals are developing. Commitment to the motto of the groups has had very good results and one of our successes is recognizing needs of our community. This group aims to create valuable chains, including suppliers, producers, intermediaries, customers in defined activities, with distinct levels of the competitor company, product, service staff behavior are worthy of the great nation of Iran and also international perspective to the group is aggressively pursuing companies active in the business of manufacturing, trading, investing, and related services primarily in industries and businesses, works which are included : Mahya Protein, Amiran Niknam, Niknam Plast, Kimia Protein & Niknam Pakhsh.